It is possible that you will have to move around for work reasons or for holidays some time after being operated. You could find yourself in a process of cures, treatments with injectable or with a disability that all require special attention.

Nurse BarcelonaFor many people this could put a brake on their traveling schedule but under no circumstances should this be an obstacle.

In our country the nursing degree has an excellent reputation.

Our nurses are prepared to take on a great variety of activities and treatments, including some of which, in the rest of Europe, are exclusive to doctors.

The nurse in Spain (Barcelona)  is characterized by the level of independence and professionalism.

If you are staying at a hotel, an apartment, etc, do not hesitate to put your trust in our nurses who will be transferred to your hotel to attend and fulfill the nursing requirements you may have.

Contact IMES Enfermeras a Domicilio , and tell us about your case, the hotel you will be staying at and the number of days you will be staying in Barcelona.


Traducción: Steen Henriksen